Press Release, Monitor Audio

Hyphn receives Applause Award from StereoNET

David Price auditions one of the most impressive and innovative new high-end loudspeakers that he's heard in a long time…

"It is the superlative combination of insight, intimacy and integration that makes the Hyphn such a pleasure."

Upon listening, David stated "it is remarkably seamless from bottom to top, and there's no sense of any of its multiple drive units competing with one another."

Talking about how open the sound is, he said “you find yourself listening to music in a different way than you would with lesser loudspeakers”, adding "there is so much information being presented in front of you that it becomes a choice of what you choose to take in."

"If this doesn't put Monitor Audio firmly on the super-fi map, then I am not sure what will". Receiving the StereoNET Applause Award, David concluded with "The Hyphn is a bold and innovative product that doesn't really sound like anything else on the market."

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