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HIFI.DE Editors’ Choice Award 2023 für den Plattenspieler Cambridge Audio Alva ST

The HIFI.DE Editors' Choice Award 2023 in the turntable category goes to the Cambridge Audio Alva ST. You can read why the Cambridge spinner impressed us so much here.

At regular intervals, our test editorial team presents the HIFI.DE Editors' Choice Awards for products that have made a special impression in the test due to their performance, a particularly good price-performance ratio or because of their exceptional technology.

In the turntable category, the Cambridge Audio Alva ST has now been awarded the HIFI.DE Editors' Choice Award 2023 .

Cambridge Audio Alva ST: Bluetooth record player with HiFi standards

You can usually find turntables with Bluetooth at the entry level. The Cambridge Audio Alva ST proves that good sound and Bluetooth compatibility are not mutually exclusive . The turntable is the little brother of the much more expensive Alva TT V2 and uses a belt drive instead of a direct drive. Also on board: a phono preamplifier so you can connect the Alva ST to any amplifier. And of course via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth box or Bluetooth headphones .

Even with the factory-installed Audio-Technica AT-95E pickup , the Alva ST proves to be a harmonious all-rounder. However, its strength also lies in its high upgrade potential. With a better pickup the record player sounds even better. But even in the basic configuration, the Alva ST can give you goosebumps with its beautiful resolution and crisp bass.

Our test conclusion for the Cambridge Audio Alva ST

If you are simply looking for a turntable for around 600 euros and already have a system with a phono input, you may find that the purist hi-fi players sound even better than the Cambridge Alva ST. However, if you value the convenience and wireless connectivity of the Cambride Alva ST, it offers very good value for money. It's a competently built, well-balanced, large-format turntable that also benefits from moderate cartridge upgrades. And we think it looks absolutely great. It truly deserves the HIFI.DE Editors' Choice Award 2023 as the best turntable.

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