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Cambridge Audio adds audio streaming service Deezer to its award-winning StreamMagic platform

StreamMagic is the clever combination of hardware and software that sits at the heart of Cambridge Audio’s network audio players

British hi-fi specialist Cambridge Audio has added music streaming and podcast platform Deezer to its award-winning StreamMagic offering. The integration of the popular streaming service expands upon the wealth of options already available in Cambridge Audio’s award-winning range of network audio players, providing music fans with even more freedom and flexibility to enjoy their collection.

The free StreamMagic app, available for Android and iOS, works with the company’s family of music streaming products - EvoEdge NQCXN V2CXN and Azur 851N – allowing music lovers to experience their favourite tracks with convenient control and intuitive navigation of media libraries via a smartphone or tablet. 

By integrating Deezer, subscribed users will have immediate access to over 90 million tracks at their fingertips, in up to 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC (CD-quality) format.

Chris Saunders, Software Manager, says: “We’re delighted to add Deezer to our StreamMagic platform this month. This latest update gives our customers even more ways to enjoy their music and their system, which is always our priority.”

The Deezer update will be enabled via an over-the-air firmware upgrade for both the StreamMagic app and supported network players from September 2022. Users of the all-in-one Evo system series will be first to enjoy the update, with the new functionality rolling out across Cambridge Audio's streaming range over the following weeks. 

StreamMagic, the clever combination of hardware and software that sits at the heart of Cambridge Audio’s network audio players, celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Now in its 4th generation, the streaming module (a Quad core ARM Cortex-A53 1.8GHz) is constantly updated to support the latest advances in audio formats and streaming service features.

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