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Andrew Robinson reviews Platinum 200 3G speakers

Audio and tech reviewer Andrew Robinson takes a listen to our Platinum 200 3G speakers in his latest review, with some very interesting results.

It is definitely a speaker that achieves reference calibre performance in a very small package

When discussing the design and in particular the finishes, Andrew said that the Piano Ebony "exudes class", adding "the build quality and construction is beyond reproach".

Andrew put the the 200s through their paces, with the likes of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’, Hans Zimmer's ‘Dream of Arrakis’ and Abe Rounds' ‘The Confidence To Make Mistakes’, and commenting on their performance, said they “sounded 100% real”, and “nothing about their recreation sceamed recording; scale, texture, dynamics and most of all, weight, were a perfect 10.”

"When you only compare it other common reference or cost no object speakers on the market, brands like B&W, Wilson Audio and Magico, the 200’s stock only rises." Comparing against the B&W 803 D4, Andrew added “the 200s are a bargain”, later adding that the bass is “among there best I’ve ever heard”.

Concluding this very compelling and refreshing review, he says the Platinum 200s were an "absolutely phenomenal speaker in every sense of the word”.


Have a watch of the review below and be sure to check out the comments:

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