The Experts Group’s regional offices spans 4 major South East Asian markets – Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Backed by over US$1 million in paid up capital plus million in assets, The Experts Group’s operation covers a complex infrastructure of sales, marketing, distribution, warehousing, boutique retail stores, departmental store counters and online stores.

The Experts Group aims to deliver world-class brands and products from the global markets right to the convenience of the local consumers.

Our Mission

To help everyone in creating the most entertaining homes.

Our Identity

Our corporate symbol is inspired by Epicurus (341-271 BCE), one of the major Greek philosophers in the Hellenistic period. Epicurus was one of the forefathers that saw the basic constituents of the world as atoms - the very basic and indivisible bits of all Matter.

Elements of Epicurean philosophy influenced various thinkers and diverse movements throughout the entire Western intellectual and philosophy history.


Our Simple Promise

  • We strive to serve our customer with pride, integrity and utmost respects.
  • We seek to deliver the best products, contributing to the sensory pleasures and wellbeing of our customers.
  • We deliver pride and sense of actualiation that comes with the ownership one of our products.

Our Privacy Policy
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    Accreditation and Memberships

Singapore Service Star
The Singapore Service Star is a badge of honour that recognises businesses committed to service excellence. Accredited members are audited annually for their service standards via a series of mystery buyer program. The Experts Group’s boutique showroom retail team is an accredited member since 2009 and in 2012, was honoured as a member of the “Best of Service Star”.


The Singapore Business Federation (SBF)
The apex business chamber that champions the interests of the Singapore business community. Statutory members must have a minimum paid up capital of $500,000 and represents the top 20% companies in Singapore, while associate members may pay a membership fee to enjoy some of the services by SBF. The Experts Group is a statutory member since 2010 and thus belongs to the top 18,000 companies in Singapore.


Since 1983, THX have set the standard for high-fidelity audio and visual reproduction and have remain the leader in creating cinematic experiences. Certified Professionals are trained to advise and setup good entertainment systems.
The Experts Group’s audio-video staff had been certified by THX since 2008.

Singapore Retailers Association (SRA)
Singapore Retailers Association is a independent, non-profit and non-governmental retail trade body in Singapore. SRA seek to improve the business standards, professionalism and productivity of retailers; facilitating the creation and maintenance of a shoppers' paradise.  SRA also helped the industry to define Good Retail Practices and Standards Scheme and helped create a safer shopping experience for the consumers.